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Color Vision Testing
Includes pseudo-isochromatic color test plates and a digital anomaloscope!

User Recommendation: start billing 92283! This feature, used on a
single patient each month will completely pay for your Premium Service
and will leave you with a profit.

Note: The average user with Premium Service uses this feature weekly.
Macular Function & Integrity
Six different macular grids (which can all be printed).
Includes the ability to plot a patient's scotoma and monitor it over time.
Astigmatic Testing
Features five different astigmatic test charts and dials.
Low Vision Tests & Charts
  • Optotypes up to 20/1200 in size (letters, numbers, & symbols).
  • ETDRS Charts.
  • Edge Test for testing Contrast Sensitivity in the partially sighted.
  • Continuous Text Charts (great for measuring functional/real world VAs).
  • Eccentric Viewing Training.
  • Glaucoma Risk Calculator
    Aids in determining a patient's predicted five-year risk of developing glaucoma.
    Great for practice management, and improving patient compliance!
    IOP/CCT Nomogram
    Quick & easy pachymetry conversion.
    Drug Facts
    The Drug Facts tool covers the most commonly used ocular medications and several popular systemic
    medications. This guide can be used to obtain side effects, contraindications,
    trade and generic names, dispensed volumes, mechanisms of action, drug
    classifications, potency index, and more.
    Visual Field Defects
    This guide provides a great reference for less common visual field defects,
    and their possible origins.
    Vertical Deviation Determination
    Helps determine the neurological cause of a patients vertical tropia.
    Contact Lens Calculators
    Contact lens calculators include RGP center thickness, LASIK estimation,
    mm-to-diopter conversion, and vertex distance. Additionally, a RGP default
    parameter guide is included for those who rarely utilize rigid lens designs.
    Vernier / Hyper Acuity
    This test is offered in two visual psychophysical methods.
    Auto-Test and Patient Control.
    Aniseikonia Determination
    Calculate the relative difference in retinal image size.
    Two stimulus options available.
    Quick & easy!

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